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Medical Coding

We provide fully compliant coding with industry leading turn around time and accuracy while ensuring optimal reimbursement. Our coding staffs are highly certified. Coding quality is our first priority and it is not sacrificed for any reason.

Medical Billing

With Premier’s medical billing entire network of knowledge and experience, and with one of the best in class software and services working for you, you will definitely increase your revenue. Start Now! Increase reimbursements. Focus on your patients. Recover claims faster. Types: primary care billing, specialty practice, hospital billing, psychiatric billing, chiropractic billing.


Credentialing management is labor intensive. Out sourcing allows your staff to focus their time on patient and practice needs.

EMR Scrubbing

Medical claims scrubbing is an important step in the revenue cycle management process. Premier’s medical claim scrubbing checks for errors and corrects errors before claims are submitted to the carriers. Most claims rejections are often the results of human error and can be easily avoided.


PMCC is dedicated to delivering professional medical billing consulting services that optimize the entire medical billing process to increase cash flow.


Our deep network of candidates allows us to provide quick turnaround on your request for professionals who have healthcare experience and are ready to start working immediately. Our dedicated healthcare staffing specialists can supply highly skilled, highly specialized professionals on a temporary, full-time basis or project basis.



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