Elite Medical Coding Support

Medical Coding

Elite Medical Coding Support

We are absolutely committed to consistently providing our clients with nothing less than the finest medical record coding support available.

First and foremost, PMCC is a remote coding company that deals with all chart types from clients spread across the spectrum of healthcare providers.  We provide fully compliant coding, with industry-leading turnaround time and accuracy, while ensuring optimal reimbursement. Aside from offering coding related consulting services, we do not deviate from our one simple mission: provide the best coding around.

PMCC’s Coding Services Are Designed To Ensure:

  • Our clients receive coding that complies with all CMS and regional coding guidelines.
  • We meet or exceed our clients’ coding accuracy and turnaround time requirements.
  • All legitimate revenue is being realized from all payers.
  • Patient charts are processed through the coding and billing cycle as quickly as possible.

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